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Dans le Noir ?: the social media detox experience

If the first thing you do every morning is to take your phone and watch your Insta feed before feeding yourself, If the last thing you do every night before kissing your partner and saying “Good night” is to use your device and check the latest news on Facebook, Well, this article might give you a solution to have a social media detox for an evening.

At Dans le Noir ?, the unique dining in the dark restaurant in Australia, we collect everything that may glow in the dark prior your experience. Cellphone, watches, no source of light is tolerated. It is one of the most impacting principle of the night: you will reconnect with your friends, colleagues or partner and even meet with some new friends at your table while never be disturbed by a text message or a notification on your phone. It’s one of the great power of the dark room, so enjoy!

No judgement

For once, no one will look at you or judge you. We are all convinced that using social media platform gives us credit and gratitude. In the dark room, you reconnect with yourself and your senses. The French Prime Minister in 2004 has experienced the dining in the dark restaurant in Paris and during his introspection he didn’t say a word. Everyone was very worried but at the end, he told the founder of the concept, Edouard de Broglie: “Tonight, I was with myself and it felt good.”. And that’s a major reason for the VIP to come at the restaurant because no one will recognise them and ask them a selfie!

What is essential is invisible to the eye

Entering the dark room is a powerful experience, you are guided by one of our blind or vision impaired staff and that person becomes your eyes for the evening. You will transfer your trust and be helped by someone with a disability. Forget your feed or your last Facebook post, we’re talking about REAL human encounter.

But more than a human exchange, you will have to guess what is on your plates and trust us in pitch darkness your taste buds can be confused. No cellphones mean no endless food photography’s session, just the pleasure of enjoying the moment for its true flavor. Our plates are designed by our Chef to awaken your senses (you can even use your finger to eat, no one will blame you for that!). Is it soft as a pork fillet or tasty as a braised lamb? In the dark room, you are losing your preconceived ideas brought by vision.

Are you ready to reconnect with yourself and be guided by your other senses ?