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Dans le Noir ? is a unique sensory and human experience that releases you from the omnipresence of sight and the weight of its influence over the choices you make. By ignoring appearances, your other senses will awaken. This original and unusual experience will revolutionise your perception of taste, those around you, and what is different.

Dans le Noir ? gives you the opportunity to experience your sensations with a surprising intensity. Whether you choose to have lunch or dinner in one of our famous Dans le Noir ? restaurants with friends, hold a team building event, take part in one of our sensory workshops or one of the activities in one of our Dans le Noir ? Sensory Lounges, you will be accompanied and served in pitch darkness by a unique guide.

Dans le Noir ? teams are located in 14 cities across 9 countries. Its unusual restaurants, its unique SENSORY LOUNGES, provide original and convivial experiences full of meaning.


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Wednesday 05 June 2024

Dining in the Dark in Lisboa

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Dans le Noir? Lisboa - Unique Dining in the Dark Experience in Lisboa

Discover a Unique Dining Experience: Dans le Noir? Lisboa

Get ready for a one-of-a-kind dining adventure as Dans le Noir? Lisboa opens its doors. Nestled in the heart of Lisbon at the prestigious Sheraton Lisboa Hotel & Spa, this restaurant promises an unforgettable experience that will tantalize your senses in ways you never imagined. Discover the best dining in the dark in Lisboa.

What Makes Dans le Noir? Lisboa Unique?

At Dans le Noir?, you will dine in complete darkness, guided and served by visually impaired waitstaff. This immersive experience challenges your perceptions and enhances your senses of taste and smell, offering a new perspective on dining in the dark in Lisboa. Without the distraction of sight, you’ll focus on the textures, flavors, and aromas of each carefully crafted dish.

Location and Ambience

Located at Rua Latino Coelho 1, 1050-234 Lisboa, Portugal, Dans le Noir? Lisboa is set within the luxurious Sheraton Lisboa Hotel & Spa. The elegant surroundings and impeccable service standards of the Sheraton complement the unique concept of the restaurant, ensuring a memorable visit from start to finish.

A Culinary Journey

The menu at Dans le Noir? Lisboa is a well-guarded secret, designed to surprise and delight your palate. You will choose from a selection of menu options, but the specific dishes remain a mystery until they are served. This approach encourages guests to trust their senses and savor each bite without preconceived notions.

Why You Should Reserve Your Spot

  • A Sensory Adventure: Dining in the dark heightens your other senses, making for a truly unique culinary experience.
  • Expertly Crafted Dishes: The menu is designed by top chefs who specialize in creating dishes that are as delightful to taste as they are to smell and feel.
  • Supporting a Good Cause: Dans le Noir? employs visually impaired staff, offering them meaningful employment and allowing guests to gain insights into their world.
  • Perfect for Special Occasions: Whether it’s a romantic date, a birthday celebration, or a corporate event, this unique setting makes any occasion unforgettable.

Make Your Reservation Today

Reservations for Dans le Noir? Lisboa are now open! To ensure you don’t miss out on this extraordinary experience, book your table today by visiting Spaces are limited, and this unique dining adventure is expected to be in high demand.

We look forward to welcoming you to Dans le Noir? Lisboa and sharing this extraordinary journey with you. Prepare to embark on a dining experience like no other. Rediscover the true essence of flavor and indulge in a night of mystery and delight at Dans le Noir? Lisboa.

For more information and updates, follow us on social media and stay tuned for behind-the-scenes glimpses and special promotions. See you in the dark!

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Wednesday 05 June 2024

Dining in the Dark in Lisboa

Friday 20 September 2019

4 Octobre journée des aveugles et malvoyants. Dans le Noir ? sur le pont !

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Chers amis de la Diversité et d’une société plus inclusive,

Le Vendredi 4 Octobre 2019 est la Journée nationale des aveugles et malvoyants. Toutes les équipes de Dans le Noir ? à Paris, Bordeaux et Nantes sont sur le pont pour vous faire vivre des expériences humaines et sensorielles uniques et vous faire mieux comprendre le quotidien des personnes aveugles et malvoyantes. Des services supplémentaires sont ouverts dans nos restaurants midi et soir et des ateliers sont organisés toute la journée.

Dans le Noir ? est un ensemble d'expériences uniques qui questionne nos sens et rend la communication plus intense et authentique. En nous plongeant dans l’obscurité absolue, pour nous faire vivre un repas, une dégustation de vin ou un atelier parfum, accompagné par un guide inattendu, en toute convivialité, Dans le Noir ? nous libère des nombreux préjugés construits par le regard et nous oblige à réévaluer nos sens abandonnés.

Une belle façon de sensibiliser positivement vos équipes, managers et collaborateurs au potentiel des personnes en situation de handicap avec un message fort et impactant.

Avec des prix extrêmement compétitifs (de 29 € à 68 € par personne), c'est toute une gamme d'expériences humaines et sensorielles qui vont vous permettre de faire avancer les choses dans le bon sens dans vos entreprises. Une bonne expérience ... vaut souvent mieux qu'un long discours !

Découvrez nos offres :

Expériences sur mesure et événements corporate

et contactez rapidement notre service commerciale :

Marine Mallette au 01 42 77 98 04

ou rendez-vous sur notre site

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Saturday 11 May 2019

Valentine's day in the dark

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This year, valentine’s Day will be very special for the team of Dans le Noir ? Melbourne. It is the day of the Grand Opening of the restaurant in the new venue at Rydges on Swanston. We change the venue but we keep the same concept, the same team and the same unique experience. If you are looking for the best experience in Melbourne to live an unforgettable Valentine’s Day, Dans le Noir ? welcomes you from 6:45pm on February 14th.

“My Funny Valentine”

It not only romantic to eat in complete darkness, it is also a funny moment to share with your partner and use you other senses!

No candles just pitch darkness and the voice of your love along with a unique sensory, social and human experience whilst you are tasting an exquisite three or five courses menu designed by the Head Chef, Christian Oblak.

Anti-Valentine’s Day, you are welcomed too

If you are not coping with the idea of this special day, you can also come with your friends and enjoy a great moment to share all together. Obviously, the room will be surrounded by a loving atmosphere but the more the merrier as we use to say at Dans le Noir ? at Rydges on Swanston.

Couples of friends?

Why wouldn’t come with your partner and some of old friends couples? It is the best way to celebrate a very romantic journey with your loved ones. We host 12 people on each tables at the restaurant so you have the challenge to bring 5 others couples of friends.


In French we say “je t’aime, beaucoup, passionnément, à la folie … » (translation : I love you, a lot, with passion, to the moon and back) Say it with your surprise menus :

  • BEAUCOUP: 3 course meal & 3 matching beverages: $119pp
  • PASSIONNEMENT: 5 course meal & 3 matching beverages: $149pp
  • A LA FOLIE: 5 course meals & 5 matching beverages: $169pp

Finally, as a kind reminder, from the beginning of this amazing adventure, Dans le Noir ? Melbourne welcome their guests in large host tables of 12 people. Valentine’s Day is not an exception, so you will share your table with others lovely couples to live a complete experience in pitch darkness.

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Saturday 11 May 2019

Valentine's day in the dark

Friday 10 May 2019

Mother’s Day in Melbourne : lunch in the dark! A sparkling Lunch in the Dark…

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You’ve been wanting to experience Dans le Noir ? Melbourne for so long but you were never available during our regular opening days on Thursday, Friday and Saturday? Well, take your chance we open one Sunday for lunch in May! Oh and, get your Mother maybe because … It happens to be Mother’s Day that day and this is the best way to celebrate with a lunch in the dark.

This year, on May 12, 2019 we celebrate and spoil Mummies with a unique Lunch in the Dark hosted at Dans le Noir ? restaurant located in Carlton close to the city center of Melbourne.

An original way to cherish Mum

What a great idea to say “I love you” to your Mum (or even your Mother-in-law) or your wife. Choose the lunch in the dark to experience an exquisite and original lunch guided by our incredible team of blind or vision impaired hosts.

Early-bird? You still have the option to purchase a gift voucher in advance and offer it prior the day. AMAZING!

A unique three-course surprise menu

Designed by the Executive Chef Oblak, the surprise menu will challenge your senses. Worried about allergy? No problem, we are vegan, vegetarian and pescatarian friendly. We also cater for any food allergies and dietaries. Trust us, nothing weird in the surprise menu, just a tremendous selection of flavors, textures and aromas. The fun part? You will get the chance to guess the menu at the end. The moment where you find out if you can trust your senses…

General information:

  • DATE : Sunday 12th of May 2019
  • TIME : every 30 minutes – 12:00, 12:30, 13:00, 13:30 and 14:00
  • PRICE : $99.00 for a unique package : Drink & canapés upon arrival + 3 courses meal of Chef’s surprise menu
  • RESERVATION : call the 03 9347 7811
  • Gift voucher available here

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Wednesday 04 April 2018

We are Vegetarian and Vegan friendly!

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“Seasoned vegan menu”: Meat free, dairy free and 99% Gluten Free Menu

One of our mysterious menu suits any vegan requirements. Enjoy three or five courses meals without any animal products and guaranteed cruelty free. We are flexible and adapt ourselves to your expectations, if you are vegetarian and happy with dairy products you can have the selection of cheeses. If you are vegan, we offer a nice selection of vegan chocolates.

We pay a special attention to your allergies or dietary’s requirements and we will double check your order when you come at the restaurant.

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