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Dans le Noir ? is a unique sensorial, social and human experience where guests dine in total darkness and are guided and served by the blind and visuallly impaired. With more than a million visitors worldwide since 2004, this experience is a major international success, supported only by the international media and word of mouth.

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Dans le Noir? is an international chain of restaurants where guests are guided and served by visually impaired staff, offering an extraordinary sensory, social and human experience driven by a refined gastronomical and oenological experience:

…A sensory journey helping us to re-evaluate our perception of taste and smell, while dining in the dark.

…A social conviviality where darkness overcomes shyness leading to an open-minded atmosphere.

…A human exchange, when, for once, the blind become our eyes to guide us into an intriguing new way of experiencing our environment.

Dans le Noir is a concept created and operated by Ethik Investment Group, an independent European group developing franchise programs and opportunities.

We work all over the world on Social Innovation, with our Event and Training and Consulting Divisions sharing a positive perception of differences with large corporations and institutions, creating value for those with disabilities.

We also now offer an additional experience in Paris with Dans le Noir? The Spa.

Are you curious about this very unusual yet functional business model?
In Dans le Noir?, A bright idea, Edouard de Broglie, President of the company, shares his amazing and enriching Dans le Noir? adventures around the world, without hiding mistakes, difficulties or disenchantments. He establishes his analysis, builds food for thought and provides sound practices in marketing and business in general. Buy the book and/or enjoy our blog: Dans le noir? A luminous idea.

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New Chef and new Menu in Barcelona - London and Paris now have new revolutionary soundproofing for more comfort: No more stress in the Dark Rooms – Bridges to Vasilievsky Island are re-open in St Petersburg: Easy access to Dans le Noir at Sokos Hotel Palace Bridge.

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